Canadian Literatures and Cultures

Five groups belong to the English Philology area and have worked in literary and cultural research projects of English speaking countries: the groups led by Ana Fraile-Marcos and Eva Darias-Beautell are highly specialised in Canadian Studies, whereas Pilar Cuder-Domínguez, Belén Martín-Lucas and Isabel Carrera-Suárez possess a long and consolidated trajectory in the leadership of cultural studies projects  with a strong Canadian component.

Besides, the different teams have traditionally counted on researchers from English, German, Portuguese and Canadian Universities, this showing the international dimension of the work carried out in Spain on this topic, as well as the leading role of the Spanish researchers in this field.

Eva Darias-Beautell PI – The City, Urban Cultures and Sustainable Literatures: Representations of the Anglo-Canadian Post-Metropolis

Isabel Carrera-Suárez – Encuentros Incorporados y Conocimientos Alternativos: Habitar y Crear la Ciudad

Pilar Cuder-Domínguez – Bodies in Transit: From Conflict to Healing

Ana Fraile-Marcos – Representations of Diversity and the Environment in Contemporary Canadian Cultural Expression

Belén Martín-Lucas – Bodies in Transit: Making Difference in Globalized Cultures



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